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Thank you for participating in the ASTM Symposium, Ideas to Impact: How Building Economics Standards Keep you on Track. The presentation of your paper was insightful and helped demonstrate the benefits of ASTM economic standards and how these standards can help with engineering projects. Again thank you for your time and effort.
Marry Mikolajewski
Manager, Symposia Operations
ASTM International
Over the past two years, Lee and Daryl have provided excellent support in Energy Star program instruction and sharing their knowledge of the Energy Star certification process and the Energy Star federal system. With ETA's involvement and support, I was able to achieve Energy Star certification for the last two consecutive years.
San Diego VA Medical Center
Daryl DeJean and ETA in general. I have worked with Daryl and Lee Stevens for about two years now. During this period of time They, ETA have been a very engaged and supportive consultant as we navigated through the processes of setting up all the Sharp Hospitals in the Energy Star Program. Additionally they provided consultative services directed at identifying energy measures in all our hospitals buildings. We discussed all of their findings and associated recommendations. Over the course of the last two years we have been successful at reducing our electrical and natural gas consumption metrics by nearly ten percent. Their work inspired us to take a more direct and focused approach related to managing our utility provided resources. I can say that ETA was a large part of our initial program development and data management that helped us produce energy savings including the addition of our 2nd Energy Star Awarded hospital to our ongoing successes this past year. Both Daryl and Lee are a pleasure to work with...
Raul J. Franco, CHFM, SASHE
District Manager
Facility Solutions div
Sodexo HealthCare
I recommend Daryl and Lee of Emerging Technologies Associates for development and presentation of programs that will create a significant impact in the market.
Bernie Kotlier
Lee and Daryl:
Thank you so much for all you have done to help MTH. This is a wonderful testament to your dedication and support of our museum. It's particularly fitting that this is up on the Energy Star site in April as we celebrate Twain's centennial. Thank you.
Good luck with sharing our story and building your business. I look forward to seeing you soon.
Have a great day!
Jeffrey L. Nichols
Executive Director
The Mark Twain House & Museum