Maximize resource productivity and increase the bottom line.


Our Space:

  • Energy Management:
    Our office is 99% lit with LED and compact fluorescent lamps.
  • Water Management:
    Our landscaping is on a high efficiency sprinkler heads and low flow irrigation system and our plants are made up of primarily of drought-tolerant plants or indigenous plants.
  • Waste Management:
    As of March 2011, we have reused mulch donated by the Santa Barbara County under their Mulch Program called "Less is More"
    The 2 inch mulch used in our landscaping reduce watering needs, drastic temperature changes and renriches our soil by putting essential nutrients back.
    It also reduces  waste management for the county. We currently divert 95% of our trash from the waste bin into recyclable material bins or re use our green waste in our yard
  • Toxicity Management:
    We recycle coffee beans to fertilize our plants reducing the amount of fertilizers leaking into the sewer system and ultimately the ocean.
  • As a result:
    Our water and energy consumption have dropped to one fifth of previous levels.

Our Transportation:

  • We car-pool by train, subway and other public transportation to all projects whenever possible. We select airline carriers who operate fuel-efficient fleet such as Southwest Airlines.
  • When in town, we jog or walk to the stores. Our transportation expenses are less than half of last year as we have further transportation-saving measures.
  • We use conference systems and webinars whenever possible to avoid traveling unnecessarily.
  • We monitor our carbon footprint on the US EPA website using the Carbon Footprint Calculator.
    Check out the Tool for your own Footprint!

Our supplies:

  • We use only paper goods with high recycled contents and are experimenting with bags made of compostable material.
  • Our food source is primarily from locally grown produce and we are seeking locally sourced meats and other food stuff from our local vendors.

Please ask us about ways to make a difference as an individual!