Jérôme Heuzé creates and manages websites and web-based applications for our clients

Jérôme Heuzé - Senior Front-End Developer

Jérôme Heuzé joined Kingport to enhance our ability to convey complex sustainability concepts with images on our website. His created this webpage and is working on educational tools for our sustainability seminars. He has created animations for his clients and truly enjoys this fun part of his career.

Jérôme Heuzé creates and manages websites and web-based applications for our clients. He consults with Kingport's clients on web design for promotion of professional services as well as for educational and professional training initiatives.

As our web designer, Jérôme has built Kingport and our business partner Emerging Technology Associates' (ETA) website with a clean design and clear communication to allow Kingport's content to be easily understood by anyone. He is maintaining and updating ETA and Kingport Corporation websites. Jérôme started his education in Michigan at Northwestern Michigan College then pursued his Bachelor Degree at California State University, Chico in Applied Computer Graphics. He worked in the past as a Software Engineer for Edmodo, inc, a secure private social network for teachers and students alike. At Edmodo, he gathered knowledge in the growing online education and training field. He has been a Senior Software Engineer for Lifelock, inc. and currently work in San Mateo, CA for Freedom Financial Network.

Jérôme unique talents are the ability to combine artistic composition of a webpage with proper code; this allows him to educate the reader with as few words as possible and letting pictures tell the story.

Jérôme's design ideas are elegant yet simple. He is creating the Chanel of web-pages for his clients. We are looking forward to creating web pages and using web-based educational tools to transform the sustainability field quickly and with total transparency.

He is a strong believer in the proper use of digital media to create a strong brand name on the internet.

You can visit jeromeHeuze.com  for more information.