Greg has experience in the New Construction and Retrofit markets in both residential and commercial

Greg S. Martin - Registered Architect

Greg S. Martin, AIA, is a Registered Architect (RA) and has certified an ENERGY STAR building under an ETA benchmarking project. He has experience in the New Construction and Retrofit markets in both residential and commercial building market sectors.

Please refer to: Apply for the ENERGY STAR for Your Buildings.

You can download the Licensed Professional's Guide to the ENERGY STAR Label for Commercial Buildings by clicking below: ENERGY STAR Nov 2011 License Professional Guide.

Greg's projects include the following commercial buildings:

  1. Wong's Café Addition & Remodel. Existing conditions required a reduction of glazing and increased insulation & new HVAC efficiency tested. Addition of 1280 SqFt to 3876 SqFt. Bakersfield, CA.
  2. Dr. Billingsley Veterinarian Clinic. New Construction with a minimum of General Lighting plus Task Lighting for job areas, East and South facing Low E Glazing and maximum Insulation. New HVAC and Envelope efficiency tested. 2400 SqFt. Tehachapi, CA
  3. Airstreams Training & Administration. Design of addition with minimum of General Lighting and Task Lighting with High efficiency HVAC and Envelope testing using Low E - Glazing and maximum Insulation. 17,640 SqFt. Tehachapi, CA
  4. Wilson Office Building Addition. Addition of a 2nd Story to an existing Office Building. Limit West and North facing glazing, added Insulation with new HVAC efficiency tested - New addition : 1440 SqFt. on existing 1440 SqFt. Calif. City, CA
  5. Souza Family Farms. New Construction Wine Tasting Room in Light Frame Construction with large covered patio, utilizing Day Lighting with Low (E) Glazing, with High - Efficiency HVAC tested. 3200 SqFt. Tehachapi, CA

Greg Martin has certified the ENERGY STAR label for the San Diego Veteran Affairs Medical Center in 2011 and the Sacramento Sacramento Area Electrical Training Center. Using the ENERGY STAR Staged Approach, Daryl DeJean , Greg Martin and Lee Stevens will identify the most cost effective energy efficiency measures in a retrofit project and meet your budget.

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