Daryl DeJean designs, develops and implements sustainability projects

Daryl DeJean - Executive Vice President

Daryl DeJean assesses the performance of emerging technologies and is retained to design projects around such technologies when Kingport has been retained by its clients to implement large scale programs.

Daryl DeJean is the founder of a strategic management consulting practice Emerging Technologies Associates, Inc. (http://www.emergingtechnologiesassociates.com/). Since May 2011, the firm also known as ETA teamed up with Kingport to apply the principles of high-performance buildings in creating energy efficiency strategies.

Daryl DeJean incorporates the economic principles of resource productivity maximization in his large scale project assessments for large enterprises, government agencies and organizations in accordance with the principles shared by Professor Ernst Ulrich von Weizsacker co-authored Factor Five: Transforming the Global Economy through 80% Improvements in Resource Productivity and Factor Four: Doubling Wealth, Halving Resource Use.

Daryl has created a unique process to engage project teams into successfully completing projects. Selection and evaluation of technological innovations utilized by ETA seeks to maximize energy productivity and utilizing the methodology applied to high-performance buildings.

By incorporating the ENERGY STAR® energy management program, Daryl has ensured the cost effectiveness and long term financial benefits of all energy project development.

Assessment of Emerging Energy Technologies:

As a consultant for Fortune 500 companies, he views technology from a practitioner's viewpoint based on more than 20 years of experience in facility and energy management.

His current work with the Emerging Technology Programs in the utility industry for San Diego Gas & Electric and Pacific Gas & Electric consists of identifying, assessing and validating electric energy emerging technologies. Instead of focusing on just the technologies, his unique approach of engaging customers created excitement and enthusiasm for participation in the projects ensuring their completion. Daryl has completed a major energy efficiency study for The Travelers Insurance Companies which included completion of multiple projects in the Travelers Hartford Tower Building.

Daryl is the author of over 30 emerging technologies assessment reports resulting from the projects he managed for Pacific Gas & Electric and San Diego Gas & Electric. The reports are published and available on the California Emerging Technologies Coordinating Council website (ETCC ). These assessment reports are used by many organizations and companies as a frame of reference for implementing projects as the potential performance of the technologies is evaluated at an end-user host site. In 2008, he managed the hotel guest room DDC control technology assessment for San Diego Gas & Electric at four hotels located in San Diego for 18 months. He coordinated the installation of systems, EM&V and the report for this project. The report for this assessment is published on the ETCC website at http://www.etcc-ca.com/reports/hotel- guest-room- energy-controls and at CLTC http://cltc.ucdavis.edu/sites/default/files/files/publication/2008_sdge_hotel_energy_controls.pdf. The assessment was one of the field study that collected data for an April 2011 Codes and Standards Enhancement Initiative by the California Energy Commission.

Technology Evaluation and Project Development for End-Users:

With the help of Emerging Technologies Associates, Travelers received three ENERGY STAR’s on their Tower Building, Claim University and Fall River buildings. Claim University begun lighting retrofits that are benchmarked in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager: ETA set up profiles and trained Travelers’s Facility team on the use of the Portfolio Manager Tool.

Energy Performance Evaluation and Tracking:

ETA has assisted in benchmarking over 12 million square feet of customers industrial, commercial and government buildings. Daryl DeJean and Lee Stevens have been retained to assist with energy management plans, strategies and implementation of energy performance-enhancing projects by clients owning over 20 million square feet of buildings. The 30 plus projects recommended by Daryl DeJean and Lee Stevens has gained Travelers Insurance points in ENERGY STAR with their high score going up from 96 to 97 in 2010. Three ETA successful projects were recognized by US EPA and published on the ENERGY STAR website:

Public Outreach and Workforce Education and Training:

Daryl DeJean shares his knowledge of building technologies in many public speaking events all over the US with energy management consultants, directors of facilities, Facilities managers and utility managers on the features and benefits of the ENERGY STAR program.

In 2014, Daryl DeJean and Lee Stevens co-authored a paper published by ASTM International entitled “How E06.81 Promotes Meeting of the Minds” How standards promote adoption of energy efficiency and innovation. The paper was presented by both Lee and Daryl at the 2014 ASTM E06.81 Symposium.

Daryl has given many speaking engagement to promote programs that drive market adoption of energy efficiency at events sponsored by Building Owners Management Association, National Facilities Management Association and International Facilities Management Association Events and Department of Energy SSL Conferences.

In 2015, he was invited to speak at international Symposium sponsored by North Sea Conference and Journal, to promote increased investment in energy efficiency. Daryl created the Conference poster selected for worldwide outreach effort. Please refer to http://nscj.co.uk/ecm3/index.html

Daryl's cost-effective and practical approach to energy management continues to receive rave reviews from all audiences on both Coasts of the US. Daryl continues to engage everyone with the implementation steps necessary to achieve efficiency by sharing measures that he implemented in the 200 facilities that he managed for HILTI. The facilities included computer data centers, cafeteria and plants, buildings that have challenging high intensity energy use. The California Center for Sustainable Energy published on 11/23/2010 the highlights of Daryl's ENERGY STAR's Best Practices seminar. The article entitled Affordable Steps to Boost your ENERGY STAR Building Rating was published on the CleanTechies website at http://cleantechies.com/2010/11/23/affordable-steps- boost-energy- star-building- rating/

As a founding member of the California Advanced Lighting Control Program, Daryl DeJean has been instrumental in working with NECA-IBEW and California utilities and higher education institutions in creating a nationally recognized Green Workforce Training Program. The Program not only created green jobs but ensures that energy efficiency projects deliver persistent savings for many years.

  • ‍Led and coordinated statewide educational, public relations and marketing outreach for California Advanced Lighting Controls Training Program (CALCTP).
  • Created and managed ongoing energy efficiency educational program and marketing outreach for California Statewide Labor Management Cooperation Committee of National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW).

Market Development for Emerging Technologies and Collaboratives:

As an active member of several U.S. Department of Energy Solid-State Lighting Committees, Daryl was selected to serve as a panel member to review the U. S. Department of Energy Solid State Lighting Commercialization Initiative in 2009. In that capacity, he stressed the crucial importance of customer expectations and acceptance in the technological development of new LED products.

Participation in Collaboratives:

  • Speaker at conferences such as the Consortium for Energy Efficiency to promote collaboration amongst utility companies.
  • Collaborated with energy research organizations such as New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), California Lighting Technology Center (CLTL) Western Cooling Efficiency Center (WCEC), Rensselear Polytechnic Institute’s Lighting Research Center (LRC).
  • Share emerging technologies knowledge and processes with national laboratories such Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.
  • Worked closely with the Department of Energy Solid State Lighting (SSL) Commercial Market Initiative to create collaborative efforts such as Gateway Demonstration, Technical Information Network, Lighting Facts, DesignLights Consortium. Daryl was tasked to recommending strategies to increase market penetration of the new Solid State Lighting technology.
  • In collaboration with San Diego Gas & Electric’s Emerging Technology Program, led the development of a regional municipal streetlight consortium that later became a national consortium.

Believing that the establishment of global sustainability standards are important, he joined ASTM International as a volunteer voting member of the Committee E60 Committee on Sustainability and Committee E06 on Performance of Building. His passion for emerging energy efficiency technologies led him to seek a formal forum for standards setting. Daryl believes that without standards of performance whether it is function, design, sustainability or financial return, any emerging technology in the energy efficiency field will not produce sustainable energy or economic savings. He has been an active voting member alongside of many different stakeholders ranging from Fortune 500 companies to Non-Profit Organizations who have a vision of a lesser carbon world.

Daryl is a strong believer that the first and foremost step in reducing greenhouse gases is to uncover breakthrough technologies in energy efficiency that accelerate and enhance sustainability. He is a strong advocate of the energy plan adopted by California which established a “loading order” of preferred resources. This plan places energy efficiency as the state's top-priority procurement resource and set aggressive long-term goals for energy efficiency and achieve greenhouse gas emission reduction targets. He has developed many can do leadership training programs that has empowered facilities management teams to receive recognition for their tremendous accomplishments and to allow them to continue to gain productivity. This started at HILTI when Daryl integrated Datastream with the energy management system in place to allow for projects to be tracked from a work order to completions of tasks: Datastream asked Daryl to speak at their Annual User Conference one year to show their clients the possibilities.

In April 2009, Daryl DeJean and Lee Stevens participated in the Workshop Toward Product Standards for Sustainability organized by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) with the support of the US EPA. The workshop brought together 340 stakeholders representing standard developing organizations, consortia, industry, government and consumer groups to focus on issues related to sustainability and environmental performance standards for products. For a copy of the Final Report from the Workshop, you can click on the following link, ANSI Workshop Toward Product Standards for Sustainability April 8-9, 2009. With today’s consumers shopping with sustainability in mind, the concepts of green and socially responsible being subject to many interpretations. "Government, industry and consumers are all looking for product standards and criteria to help establish uniform technical requirements, methods, processes, and practices that address sustainability" according to ANSI. The Workshop brought together stakeholders to share insight into the market drivers and identify key gaps and define the roles of product standards in sustainability.

The workshop offered a neutral venue where all interested stakeholders can engage in discussions that will support and facilitate the timely development, promulgation, and use of standards to address sustainability issues related to products. 240 individuals attended in person during the two-day workshop, and nearly 100 more participated by teleconference and webinar. ASTM International and ANSI collaborate on such global standards setting initiatives.

Facility Management:

As Director of Facilities and Energy for Hilti, Daryl's ability to evaluate and demonstrate that project benefits and return on investment extended beyond energy savings into other areas such as improvements in employee comfort and productivity or corporate image resulted in obtaining the executive buy in on energy efficiency projects. Under Daryl's leadership, energy management was integrated into the organization's structure as part of its core business. The productivity gains came from improved manufacturing process and better working conditions. In addition, Daryl led several cultural changes that resulted in phenomenal productivity gains throughout the Company. He also created several collaborative teams to ensure adoption and acceptance of changes. Ms. Rosalia C. Cunningham, M.A., PHR, Director, Organizational Development/Chief Spirit Sherpa for Hilti, Inc. best describes Daryl as follows:

"Daryl's keen vision was evident when he successfully led change efforts by creating a new culture within his team, Facilities and Administrative Operations, by redefining and reassigning roles and responsibilities that led to operational efficiency, effectiveness, and excellence while improving profitability and resource productivity.  He didn't stop there, as he also renamed his department which created a departmental brand."

Daryl inspires others to join his passion through speaking engagements, seminars and committee membership.

Education and Academic Background Daryl DeJean is pursuing a Professional Certificate in Data Science and Analytics at Columbia University, New York, New York.

Daryl received his Bachelor of Science from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. As an officer, he was a mentor and taught Leadership, Interpersonal Skills, Ship Handling and Navigation at the Academy. He received his M. S. in Management from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and earned an Executive MBA from the University of Tulsa.